About us

Beauty products

Our focus is on premium beauty products. Hair care, skin care, makeup and others. We are constantly expanding our offer and looking for new interesting brands and contacts in the cosmetic industry. Please feel free to ask us even about brands we do not currently carry in our portfolio.


We ship worldwide. We can deliver your order to practically every country in the world. We have experience with preparing cargo for shipping by air, sea and land transport . We can assist you with choosing the best carrier or we can use our own delivery options.


We take pride in the quality of our work. Our policy is to pack and prepare each order to a maximum quality and according to all requirements you will provide us with. Every order is double checked for quality and quantity. Each pallet is packed using banding strip, angle boards, black stretch and security tape to ensure cargo is absolutely safe in transport. For a very fragile cargo we can additionally pack it in big pallet boxes (see photos above).

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